FAQs | Vintage Threads & Grails


-Are all sales final?

Yes.  Due to the unique nature of our inventory, all sales are final.  Vintage clothing is over 20 years old and sometimes much older.  There will sometimes be small defects, holes, loose threads, or small stains on vintage clothing.  I will try include these anytime I catch them, and will stain clean anything that is cleanable.  If you ever have a question about an item then feel free to message us about it.

-Can you show me the measurements?

Yes.  We can send you the measurements for any item.  E-mail us at vtgsandiego@gmail.com or on Instagram @vtgsandiego.

-Do you ship internationally?

Yes.  The price of shipping should be worked into the final cost of the purchase.

-Are the clothes preowned?

Yes.  Most of the clothes are preowned, unless stated as deadstock (DS).  

-What are the benefits of buying vintage?

There are many benefits to buying vintage clothing instead of newer mall brands.  For starters, the chance of someone wearing the same vintage piece as you is slim to none.  That can't be said for these new mall brands that lack the character and beauty of vintage clothing.  Buying vintage is also extremely eco-friendly and helps build a more sustainable future.

-Can I buy wholesale from you?

Yes.  We offer mystery boxes at different price points.  Please let us know if you would like to spend a custom amount that isn't listed on the site by emailing us at vtgsandiego@gmail.com subject "Wholesale Mystery Box" or on Instagram @vtgsandiego.